Julias Weight loss success

Julia’s Weight Loss Success With Nutrisystem

Hey I’am Julia. I live in Houston with my husband and a four-year-old daughter. Me and my husband have a busy life – juggling with our jobs, taking care of our little one as well as handling all the chores of the house. Moreover, we need to drive an hour daily to commute to the workplace. For the same reasons, we are hardly able to find some time for ourselves.

Health Compromised For Everything Else :

The busy schedule of our life changed everything. We started to take up lunch from the restaurants most of the time. By the time we reach home in the evening, we are in no mood to prepare a dinner. This mostly leads us to having unhealthy processed food. The frequency of dining out or takeaways increased too. The worst part was that we started giving the same thing to our baby.

The Realization Of Being Obese :

It is a fact that I was an overweight child and it continued to be during my teenage too. In the college days, I had tried out many weight loss programs. I managed to lose some pounds but could not keep up with it for a long time. I regained weight very soon and yes managed to get more from time to time. Once I had my daughter I put on more weight. This time, I could do nothing about myself. It was four years back during a fine summer holiday that I realized how badly I have treated myself.

On that life-changing day, we with our friends were enjoying a camping trip. We were having some fun out in the woods. It was at that time, one of my friends suggested to take up a small hiking trip on the nearby hill. Like everyone else I was thrilled too, but it all ended with disappointment when I found that I could not manage to even climb for 10 minutes. My husband and friends tried their best to motivate me, but was in vain. I was short of breath, I was all sweating, my heart was pounding, I couldn’t take it anymore! I gave up!

Throughout my life, for the first time, I felt defeated and yes, of course embarrassed. Taking the proper diet and doing some exercises would have helped me, but I never felt motivated to do so.

Nutrisystem & Me

At that time, I was searching on Google for different weight loss methods. While going through the results, I came across Nutrisystem. I went through the website and thought why not give it a try! In the beginning, all I was planning was to try the diet for 2 months and check the results. I bought my first kit and started with it. In the first few weeks itself, I realized that I was losing weight. I was getting leaner. Yes, I remember I could not stop myself and called up my parents to tell them about it.

In the beginning, I was very much motivated to go with the diet plan. But when I was around people, their unhealthy food attracted me so much. I always ended up with some craving. My husband stood besides me and made sure that I never gave up on the diet plan and followed it religiously. Even during the Christmas, I made sure that I was not overeating and spoiling all the hard work.

Nutrisystem Along With Workout

Along with Nutrisystem, I managed to inculcate walking and some exercises into my daily schedule. My husband helped me with the chores so that I had enough time for the physical activities. My daughter at times joined me with the exercises. Slowly, I also included more salads and low carb food into my daily diet. So I was always full without adding up pounds.

Nutrisystem Success stories

Lost 100 lbs

Thanks to Nutrisystem. With it, I managed to lose over 100 lbs in a year’s time. Though my weight fluctuates 2-3 lbs, still I have managed to keep it there. The exercises have helped to build up muscles and so now I even have toned body which I am proud of.

Size 25 to Size 6 :

There was a time when I used to wear size 25, but now if you peek into my wardrobe, you will find me having shorts of size 6. Even now I am losing weight and when I get on the weighing scale and find losing weight I feel proud of myself.

Nutrisystem Is Cheaper :

With Nutrisystem, I have a proper diet plan to be followed every day. So I don’t have to take up a diet other than this. This keeps a track of my spending on food too. Earlier I had to have lunch from outside as well as I ended up taking dinner sometimes from the restaurant. In the normal case, my lunch would have cost me around 10-12$ and now I have entire day meal for the same amount. This means Nutrisystem is quite economical. Moreover, you are saved from the question – “What should we have for dinner?” I am always ready with my meals and snacks.

The Happy Me :

The best decision I have taken in my entire life is to go for Nutrisystem. It was the best thing I could do to myself. Now I have enough energy and I am happier and healthier too. I am still losing weight and I keep a track of my calorie intake every day. I am more confident with each passing day. I have understood the importance of exercise too.

If you too are trying to lose weight, opt for the Nutrisystem diet plan and follow an exercise regime. Understand that if I can do it, you can too.

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